Vale Life Sciences’ Happy Cell ASM Products

Vale Life Sciences’ Happy Cell ASM Products

Vale Life Sciences’ Happy Cell® ASM is a low-viscosity, low-density, animal-free cell culture reagent that introduces a paradigm shift in cell suspension techniques. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it finds its niche in a myriad of applications including Oncology & Chronic Disease models, Stem Cell Organoid Culture, Primary Cell Culture and Expansion, Flow Cytometry, and Microscopy. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for researchers across diverse scientific disciplines.

Media Bases Tailored for Success

Vale Life Science recognises the importance of flexibility in experimental design. Happy Cell® ASM is available in RPMI (VHCRP), DMEM (VHCDM), and MEM (VHCME) media bases, each identified by a specific catalogue number. This not only streamlines the selection process but also ensures that researchers can choose the optimal formulation for their specific experimental requirements.

Features that Redefine Excellence

Happy Cell® ASM boasts a set of features that put it in a league of its own. The animal-free composition aligns seamlessly with ethical research practices, while the consistency from batch to batch ensures the reliability of results. The absence of growth factors and cytokines grants researchers precise control over experimental conditions. Its liquid nature adds an extra layer of adaptability, allowing scientists to fine-tune the medium according to the specific needs of their research.

Efficiency at Its Core

Designed with efficiency in mind, Happy Cell® ASM offers an economical solution by providing up to 1000 individual experiments from a single 25ml bottle. This cost-effective approach optimises the formation of 3D cell structures such as spheroids and organoids, while also facilitating the rapid expansion of single cells. The compatibility of Happy Cell® ASM with other 3D cell culture technologies adds a layer of versatility, enabling seamless integration into various experimental setups.

Lab-Friendly Design

Understanding the demands of modern laboratories, Techmate has ensured that Happy Cell® ASM aligns seamlessly with these requirements. Shipped at ambient temperature, there is no need for freezing or defrosting, simplifying the experimental process and ensuring the longevity of the product. The compatibility with both small and large-scale experiments adds to its practicality, allowing researchers to scale their studies without compromising on result quality.

Excellent Optical Propertiesd

Happy Cell® ASM distinguishes itself with excellent optical properties. Transparent to all wavelengths of visible light and sharing the same refractive index as water, this liquid scaffold sets a new standard for imaging and analysis. Its clarity enhances the precision of label-free, fluorescence, luminescence, and optical density techniques. The result is a medium that not only supports cellular growth but also revolutionises the way researchers observe and analyse cell cultures.

Scientist-Approved Design

Crafted by scientists for scientists, Happy Cell® ASM embodies the essence of user-centric design. Its unique modified natural inert polymer suspension system allows for the deactivation of the scaffold, enabling seamless analysis and recovery of cell and tissue samples. This innovation aligns with the evolving needs of laboratories engaged in drug discovery, offering a cost-effective, scalable, rapidly deployable, and user-friendly solution.

Techmate’s Commitment to Progress

As a trusted lab supplier, Techmate takes pride in being the sole distributor of Vale Life Science’s Happy Cell® products. This product epitomises Techmate’s commitment to providing laboratories with tools that are not just innovative but also practical. You can find Vale Life Sciences’ Happy Cell Products on our website, we are now the sole distributor of Vale Life Science’s Happy Cell® products. Contact us if you need help selecting the best product for you.