Waste disposal containers Sharpsafe® 1 l container



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Sharpsafe®-waste disposal bins PP, 1 l, L 108 x W 90 x H 180 mm

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Sharpsafe®-waste disposal bins PP, 1 l, L 108 x W 90 x H 180 mm Made of PP, shock and perforation proof. For the safe collection and disposal of sharp, hazardous or infected waste such as needles, Petri dishes, syringes, scalpels, etc. Acc. to DIN EN ISO 23907, TRBA 250, AFNOR NX30-500, BS 7320 Waterproof when vertical With handle for safe transport Large opening with transparent inner chamber and automatic closure which prevents vapours from escaping to the ambient air Lid of outer chamber has two positions: temporary or permanent closure Distinct maximum level mark Label is the indelibly stamped into the container 1 l bin with pull-off device for insulin pens, Luer-Lock syringes and Luer-Slip syringes. Label in German/French/Italian/Spanish/English. 2, 4 and 7 l bins with pull-off device for all needle types as well as insulin pens and scalpel blades. Label in German/French/Italian/Spanish/English. 9 and 13 l bins with pull-off devices for all needle types and scalpel blades. With wide horizontal opening for large quantities of waste such as 60 or 90 mm Ø Petri dishes. Label in French/Dutch. 9h l bin, high type, specially designed for pipettes and long instruments. 24 and 30 l bins with pull-off device for scalpels and universal pull-off device as well as wide non-return trap for the disposal of bulky waste. Label in English.

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