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Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic S without heating, 9.4 l, S 80

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Ultrasonic unit Elmasonic S 80 volume 9.4 l For intensive cleaning of laboratory instruments made of glass, plastic and metal. Suitable for degassing HPLC-solvents and beverage samples containing carbon dioxide. Operating frequency 37 kHz Housing made of stainless steel Sweep-Function: continuous frequency change for fast and consistent cleaning Degas-Function: for degassing cleaning solutions and liquids Timer 0-30 min and continuous run, safety switch- off after 12 h Quick run function on the S 30 and later models Some models have a heating component which can run dry, and is infinitely adjustable from 30-80 °C („H“ devices) Autostart-function: Ultrasonic cleaning begins when the preselected cleaning temperature has been reached LED displays for ultrasound function and heating („H“ devices only) Delivery without perforated basket and lid (optional) (please order separately).

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