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Transfer membrane ROTI®NC 0.45 300 × 30 cm

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Roti®-NC 0.45, transfer membrane, roll nitrocellulose, 30x300cm, p.size 0,45 µm Transfer membrane for protein analyses, Southern- and Northern-Blots Binding capacity for proteins: ≥125 µg/cm2 Made of 100 % nitrocellulose High-quality transfer membrane for all detection systems – extremely suitable for all protein transfer and detection methods. The Roti®-NC 0.45 membrane offers very good mechanical stability, standing out for its particularly smooth structure and even membrane thickness. The pure 100 % nitrocellulose quality membrane is easy to block and allows for background-free blots with perfect bands. The pore size of 0,45 µm is suitable for proteins and peptides of all sizes. The best retention rate is achieved when blotting proteins of ≥20 kDa. Having a high protein binding capacity, the membrane not only efficiently prevents protein loss during transfer, but also guarantees very sensitive detection of even low protein amounts. Membrane thickness: 0,15 ± 0,01 mm Pore size: 0,45 µm Applications: optimised for proteins ≥20 kDa. Western- and far-Western-blots, Southern- and Northern blots, colony- and plaque-lifting of nucleic acids and proteins, dot- and slot blots., UN-No. 3270

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