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Transfer membrane ROTI®NC 0.2 9.0 cm

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Roti®-NC, transfer membrane, disks nitrocellulose, Ø 9.0 cm, p.size 0.2 µm Transfer membrane for protein analyses, colony- and plaque-lifts Binding capacity for proteins: 125-200 µg/cm2 Made of 100 % nitrocellulose High-quality transfer membrane for all detection systems – extremely suitable for all protein transfer and detection methods. The membrane stands out for its particularly high mechanical stability. The pure 100 % nitrocellulose quality membrane is easy to block and allows for background-free blots with perfect bands. The pore size of 0,2 µm is suitable for proteins and peptides of all sizes. The best retention rate is achieved when blotting proteins of up to 70 kDa. Its excellent protein binding capacity not only efficiently prevents the blot from going through during transfer, but also guarantees highly sensitive detection of even low protein amounts. Membrane thickness: 0,15 ± 0,05 mm Pore size: 0,2 µm Applications: optimised for proteins of ≤70 kDa. Western- and far-western-blot, colony- and plaque-lifting of nucleic acids and proteins, immunoblots, dot-blots., UN-No. 3270

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