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Nalgene Polycarbonate Sanitary Carboy. Nalgene Sanitary Carboy of clear polycarbonate (PC) is a one-piece molded, non-threaded, design for use as receiver or dispensing vessel in biopharmaceutical applications. The 3 inch sanitary flange molded on the neck accepts standard flange fittings. A clamping closure system securely seals and will not back off. The sanitary design is easier to clean than threaded containers or vessels. To seal closure, use with Nalgene Heavy Duty Clamp (Cat. No. 2865-0300) and Gasket (Cat. No. 2672-0300). Material PC. Volume 22500ml. Height 498mm. Diameter 250mm. Neck ID 68mm. Closure Size . Colour Clear. Sterile No. Autoclavable Yes. Pack Qty 1

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