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Nalgene™ High-Speed Round-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes demonstrate outstanding mechanical strength and clarity. Designed for high-speed centrifugation up to 50,000 xg in refrigerated and nonrefrigerated centrifuges Designed with round bottoms and uniform diameter (no taper) for better fit and force tolerance to fit high-speed rotors Molding technique produces uniform wall thickness for increased strength Lip (on Cat. Nos. 3117-1000 and 3117-9500) allows easier retrieval from rotor cavities Economical choice – may also be used as test tubes Excellent clarity for viewing contents These high-speed polycarbonate tubes withstand temperatures from -135° to +135°C (-211° to +275°F) Autoclavable 3117-0160 Volume: 16ml Type: Round tube Closure: Open top Diameter: 18.1mm Height: 100.6mm Material: PC Max RCF @ 20° 50000

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