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FEP Oak Ridge High-Speed Centrifuge Tubes are excellent for high-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals. Excellent for chloroform and phenol extractions in refrigerated machines up to 50,000 × g. Withstand temperatures from -100°C to 150°C (-148°F to 302°F) Use to 50,000 xg in refrigerated centrifuges (tubes must be filled 100% to prevent collapse) Leakproof† Tefzel™ ETFE closures prevent material loss under ordinary use for most spins up to 10,000 xg Sealing caps available for 30 mL and 50 mL size to assure leakproof service especially at high speeds >10,000 xg or when spinning hazardous materials Autoclavable Leakproof 3114-0050 Volume: 50ml Type: Oak Ridge Closure: Screw top Diameter: 28.8mm Height: 107.7mm Material: FEP Max RCF @ 20° 20000

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