High-temperature vacuum lubricant APIEZON® PFPE 501



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High-temperature vacuum lubricant Apiezon PFPE 501

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High-temperature vacuum lubricant Apiezon PFPE 501 Chemically inert lubricant, gliding and sealing agent based on perfluoropolyether and PTFE. Can be used between -15 and +250 °C. Extremely resistant to solvents and aggressive chemicals (including halogens, nitric acid, as well as gaseous and liquid oxygen) High load-carrying capacity, as well as excellent sliding friction thanks to film-forming, highly dense perfluoropolyether structure Non-flammable, not poisonous Versatile, protects, lubricates and seals stock, valves, gears, threads, o-rings, seals, etc. Technical specifications: Relative density at 25 °C 2003 g/cm3 Steam pressure at 25 °C 1.3 x 10-12 torr Four-ball test acc. to ASTM D2266 (40 kg) 0.94 mm

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