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Handheld refractometer digital ORF series Usage: food industry/quality control, ORF 45BM

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  • Carl Roth
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Refractometer, digital model ORF 45BM Application area: food industry/quality control For calculating the Brix value (refractive index) for the quantification of sugar content in foodstuffs (e.g. fruit, vegetables, juices and beverages containing sugar). Also suitable for monitoring industrial processes (monitoring of cooling lubricants, oils and greases). Refractive index display is optional. Model Scale Measuring range Accuracy Graduations ORF 45BM Brix Refractive index 0-45 % 1.3330-1.4098 nD ±0.2 % ±0.0003 nD 0.1 % 0.0001 nD ORF 85BM Brix Refractive index 0-85 % 1.3330-1.5100 nD ±0.2 % ±0.0003 nD 0.1 % 0.0001 nD

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