• Carl Roth

Electrophoresis Unit MINI

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  • Carl Roth


MINI Electrophoresis Unit complete set, gel size 6 x 7,5 cm incl. gel chamber, lid, power leads (4 mm plugs), gel casting tray, 2 combs (1 mm, 8 teeth). Gel size (w x l): 6 x 7.5 cm Unit dimensions (w x l x h): 13 x 24 x 6.5 cm Number of samples: max. 32 samples (using 2 comb slots) Buffer volume: 325 ml Platinum electrodes are protected from damage by a special construction Four different combs available in three thicknesses Compatible with multi-channel pipettors (combs with 12 teeth) Gel may be poured into the chamber Delivery incl. horizontal gel tank, safety lid with integral power leads (4 mm plugs), removable gel casting tray, two combs (1 mm, 8 teeth).

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