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EdU Click FC-555

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EdU Click FC-555 ROTI®kit for Flow Cytometry Kit for detection of cell proliferation through Flow Cytometry. Storage temp.: +4 °C • Transport temp.: cooled Figure: HeLa cells, treated without (A) and with (B) 10µM EdU for 2 h. Click reaction was performed using 6-FAM-Azide. A: negative control, cells without EdU incorporation. B: non-proliferating cells without EdU incorporation (blue coloured left peak) and proliferating cells (S-phase) having incorporated EdU and are labeled with 6-FAM Azide (green coloured right peak). Density blots of PI stained samples without (C) and with (D) EdU incubation and followed click reaction. The y-axis presents the FL1-Fluorescence intensity and the x-axis the content of DNA measured with FL3-area. Cell cycle phases are indicated as G1, S and G2/M phase. The number at the end of the product name specifies the wavelength at which the included fluorescent marker is optimally excited. For 50 assays ROTI®kit, Storage temp. +4°C, UN-No. 3082

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