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Nalgene Autoclavable Polypropylene Carboys with 1.5″ Sanitary Flanges. Nalgene Autoclavable Carboys with 1.5 in. Sanitary Flange features welded-in closure for use as a dispensing port. Provides secure hookup for use as a supply reservoir to systems such as a fermentor or chromatography column. Sanitary flange is welded in for use as a dispensing port or as a supply reservoir to a larger system. Molded-in handles for ease in transporting containers. Follow autoclave instructions provided with the product for proper function. USPVI. Graduated. Leakproof. Material PP. Volume 55000ml. Height 679mm. Diameter 379mm. Neck ID 64mm. Closure Size 83B. Colour Natural. Sterile No. Autoclavable Yes. Pack Qty 1

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