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Nalgene Labware

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Nalgene Wide-Mouth HDPE IP2 Bottles. Safe, durable, cost-efficient line of wide-mouth bottles for packaging and transporting hazardous materials. Recommended for customers who are designing, assembling and certifying their own combination packaging. Split- and puncture-resistant. Wide mouth allows for easy filling of dry materials or liquids. Heavy duty walls. Molded into bottom: IP2 marking, material, volume, registration notch and the Nalgene brand name. Evaluated at 15 psi (103 kPa) per 49 CFR 173.27 (c) (2), ICAO Technical Instructions Part 4; 1.1.6, and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Section Leakproof. Material HDPE. Volume 150ml. Height 99mm. Diameter 50mm. Neck ID 28mm. Closure Size 38. Colour Natural. Sterile No. Autoclavable No. Pack Qty 12

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