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Nalgene PFA Beakers with Handle. Extraordinary chemical resistance and can be used repeatedly for high-purity applications. Can be used (and re-used) with strong oxidizing agents, acids, hydrocarbons and ketones. Widest temperature range: -270°C to +250°C. PFA is “non-stick” making the beaker easy to clean and resistant to contamination. Withstands exposure to extreme temperatures from -270°C to 250°C. Rigid and translucent, enabling easy and consistent viewing of liquid levels. Molded in graduation in both oz. and mL won’t wear off with continuous use or washings. Excellent chemical resistance to strong ozidizing agents, acids, hydrocarbons and ketones make these beakers useful for a broad range of high-purity applications. Molded in rectangular handle provides easy, safe handling and pouring. Not for use on a hotplate. Material High-Density Polyethylene. Volume 3000ml. Type Beaker with Handle. Overall Height 188mm. Bottom OD 155.7mm. Graduated Yes. Autoclavable Yes. Pack Qty 1.

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